WelcomeToTheManCaveSource ideas for your Cave
Go to your space and take a good look around. Visualise your Man Cave. If you need a little help in coming up with ideas then search for pictures or videos on Google. You should also grab a copy of Man Space Magazine from your local newsagent for great leads as well.

Choose your Cave theme
Decide on a theme or an object to design your Man Cave around, like a pool table, pinball machine, juke box or a piece of sports memorabilia. Once you have your inspiration you can then start sourcing items to put in your Man Cave.

Draw up your Cave plans
Get out your tape measure and a piece of graph paper and measure out your space. Make sure you get every nook and cranny including windows and stairs. Then transfer your data to a free online floor plan web site like

Arrange your Cave layout
Use the floor plan software to work out details such as where you will put your furniture, fridge, television, bar, etc. Planning software makes it easy to move items around to see where they fit best.

Make a list of Cave materials
Once you have worked out your layout it’s time to write out a list of materials you will need for the build. If you’re not sure how, take your Man Cave floor plan to your local hardware store and they should be able to help. If time (or skill) is against you then there is always a builder or handyman willing to pick up the tools. A good source to find contractors is your local newspaper.

Hire a Cave contractor
For the electrical and plumbing work you will need a licensed contractor unless you are a very experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Your step-by-step list
Now make yourself a step-by-step list of the order you will be completing each part of the project. Set a date you plan on completing each step (this is particularly helpful when dealing with contractors). You’ll avoid the plaster showing up before the wiring or plumbing is complete.

Sourcing your Cave furniture
Search web sites such as Man Cave Supplies and read magazines such as Man Space for all your dart boards, poker sets, glassware, signage, tables, bars, stools, etc. If you’re finding it difficult to source items contact us at as we’re always willing to help.

Get your mates involved
Enlist the help of family and friends. When you have the Man Cave finished you’ll know which mates to invite over first.

Welcome to the Cave
Enjoy the fruits of your labour and make sure you take a few photos and send them to us so we can post them onto our Facebook page.